Khudiram Bose

Kshudiram Basu
(1889-1908) a revolutionary and martyr. Born at Habibpur village of Midnapur district, he was brought up by his eldest sister as he lost his mother Lakshmipriya Devi at the age of six and his father Trailokyanath Basu a year later. Having his primary education at the village school he joined Hamilton School at Tamluk and later Midnapur Collegiate School in 1903, where he read upto class VIII. Though meritorious, he took less interest in studies and was drawn more towards juvenile pranks and adventures.

The great agitation against the partition of bengal, 1905 and its off-shoot, the swadeshi movement affected even small school children like Kshudiram (Ksudiram) and he left school to join a secret society under Satyen Basu. There, along with a few others, he was given physical, moral and political education and also trained how to shoot a revolver. Kshudiram found, as a part of anti-partition agitation, adventure in burning cloth of British manufacture and sinking boats carrying salt imported from Britain .

A policeman caught Kshudiram in an agricultural-cum-industrial exhibition at Midnapur in 1906, while the latter was distributing a seditious leaflet. Kshudiram, however, managed to escape but was re-arrested in April 1906, prosecuted and let off considering his tender age. He took part in the looting of mailbags at Hatgachha in 1907 and participated in the bomb attack on the Bengal Governor's special train near Narayangarh railway station on 6 December 1907. He demonstrated against the moderate politics of surendranath banerjea in a political conference at Midnapur.

In 1908, the jugantar party selected prafulla chaki and Kshudiram Basu to kill Kingsford, the Chief Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta , rendered odious to the people of Bengal for his unusually harsh and vindictive judgements against the Swadeshi activists and anti-Partition agitators. Kingsford was transferred to Muzaffarpur as Sessions Judge.

On 30 April they lay ambushed under the shade of a tree, before the European Club gate, mistook an identical looking carriage, hurled a bomb at it and killed an European lady and her daughter. Nightlong search traced Kshudiram at the Waini railway station next morning. A scuffle with policemen resulted in Kshudiram's revolver slipping off his person. Kshudiram took upon himself the entire responsibility for having thrown the bomb, but refused to disclose the identity of his associate or any other secret.



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