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Midnapore Town School

Midnapore Town School

The foundation of Midnapur Town School in the eighties of the 19th Century has a history of its own. The school was founded on the 3rd January, in the year 1883 with a mission to develop the spirit of Nationalism when a fierce controversy arose between the Anglicists and the Orientalists and naturally Anglicists were in favour of anglicism. The last three decades of the 19th century saw the manifestation of patriotism and National consciousness in the Bengalees as an inevitable consequence of the stroke by the British and counterstroke by the Indians. The impact of ‘Sepoy Mutiny' (1857-58), the memory of ‘Nilkar Struggle (1860), the effort to arouse National spirit in Hindu Mela (1867- 1880), and the rise of the middle class people, caused to develop patriotism. The last three decades were, therefore, the seed times of Indian Nationalism and the early nationalists sowed the seeds well and deep. The spirit of Swadeshi wanted the people to educate themselves on National Lines. The British system of education was regarded as anti- national. It called for a soulless memorization of alien knowledge, which had no relation to Indian conditions and culture. The medium of English killed the joy of learning, discouraged free thought and prevented creative writing.

Midnapore Town School
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Midnapore Town School was established through continuous movement, initiatives and efforts under the leadership of Late Kartik Chandra Mitra, M.A., B.L., RR.S. (Ishan Scholar), with a mission to spread the light of education mainly to the underprivileged class of the society and to arouse patriotism among the students. Kartik Chandra Mitra did the pioneering work in Midnapore town feeling at heart the need of the time. He successfully brought to light the most important aspect of foundation of this school: to educate the mass and to develop the spirit of Nationalism. In a poor, backward district which was being actively under-developed under colonial domination, the need to educate the underprivileged was of utmost necessity. Kartik Chandra Mitra founded the school and donated a considerable amount for the development of the school. Many poor students were also helped by him financially to continue their studies.

Midnapore Town School

In the Struggle for Independence there is a significant role of the students of Midnapore Town School . The teachers, members of the Managing Committee and students took part actively in different phases of Independence Movement.

In the Anti-Partition agitation in the year 1905 many students took part and Late Abinas
Chandra Mitra, the then president of the Managing Committee, was a defendant in Midnapore Bomb Law Suit. He was arrested and severely tortured.

In the Non-Cooperation Movement in the year 1921, students of this school came forward and joined. Sachin Maity (Later he became MY.), Puma Chakraborty, Nagen Sen, Mrityunjoy Jana took part actively and of them revolutionary Manmatha Das said: “These students inspired him to fight for”. 1930 was a period of revolutionary terrorism. Inspite of the vigour and comprehensiveness of the National Movement, the partition of Bengal was not repealed. Instead the Govt. became even more repressive than before. These two facts had an immediate effect on the minds of the impatient young, who were in a rebellious mood. The facts had an immediate effect within the students of Midnapore Town School under the leadership of Dinesh Gupta. Bengal Volunteers were formed and the students of this school Parimal Roy, Phanindra nath Kundu, Phani Das took leading role to organise the group. The notorious District Magistrates Paddy, Douglas and Burge were murdered in the year 1931, 1932 and 1933 respectively by the members of the B.V. The students of this school Phanindra Nath Kundu, Prafulla Tripathi, Phani Das, Brajakishore Chakraborty, Anath Bandhu Panja, Ramkrishna Roy, Nirmal Jiban Ghosh, Mrigendra Nath Dutta, Narendra Nath Das, Birendra Nath Das, Bijoy Ghosh, Ajoy Ghosh, Sudhir Bhattacharya, Sailendra Nath Dutta, Haripada Bhowmik, Ashoke Das were arrested having been accused of committing such murder. We are proud to ruminate that the students of this
institution braved bullets, suffered severe tortures in British Jails and faced tyrannical oppressions.After the murder of Burge, Mrigendra Nath Dutta, a student of this school was killed with the bullet. The students of the school Braja Kishore Chakrborty
and Ramkrishna Roy were hanged to death. Santosh Rana was thrown on the road after killing him with the bullet. Amulya Charan Nandi and Dakshyaja Babu, the then teachers were arrested with a charge to have relation with the By. We are proud to remember the hallowed memory of Hemchandra Kanongo, one of the brightest revolutionaries. All these students added a colourful and inspiring chapter to the history of freedom movement in Midnapur. Their desperate deeds and daring plans, cool action and indifference to death won them a lasting place in the history of Midnapore Town School . Midnapore Town School has a glorious past with commendable achievements. Students from this school have been placed well and with honour in the fields of Literature, Education, Administration, Law, Business, Politics, sports and culture. Innumerable names are in the list. Mention can be made of a few. ‘Natyaeharya' Sisir Kumar Bhaduri, Ramtanu Lahiri Professor of Calcutta University- Dr. Bijan Bihari Bhattacharya, Ph.D. of Oxford University- Parimal Roy, famous businessman of London- Sri Laxmikanta Paul, The renowned Physican of London- Dr. Kunja Madhab Sinha, the Chief Judge of High Court- Sri Amal Krishna De, the past District Magistrate- Samir Roy, were once the students of this school. The teachers of this school who were given President's award are Sri Radheshyam Bose, Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Bose, Sri Nitai Charan Dc.
Midnapore Town School

The art of teaching, magical personality, self sacrifice, and dutifulness of the teachers like Iswar Chandra Chakraborty (H.M), Panchkori Phusti (H.M), Amulya Charan Nandi (A.T) have become legends in the history of Midnapore Town School.

Midnapore Town School

A glorious Chapter in the history of Midnapore Town School is the foundation of ‘Alumni Association' in the year 2007. Near about two hundred students have been the members the association. To keep up the glory of this institution and to take part in the development work they should vow to be more organised and disciplined.

Midnapore Town School
Midnapore Town School
Midnapore Town School Midnapore Town School
Midnapore Town School Midnapore Town School

Another impressive event on the day of the 126th year of this institution is the inauguration of the Kartik Chandra Mitra Memorial Hall within the school campus. We are thankful to Smt. Sunanda Basu, the great grand daughter of Kartik Chandra Mitra who generously donated one lath rupees for the construction. But the credit goes to many. We are grateful to Sri Prabodh Panda, Hon'ble M.P, Sri Santosh Rana, Hon'ble M.L.A, inspector of School Education (S.E), Paschim Medinipur, Sarvasiksha Mission, 5. 1. of Schools, Midnapore Sadar, members of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff, members of the M.C., members of ‘Praktani', some of the retired teachers and well-wishers for their contributions for its construction. Our dream has been translated into reality and believe that our integrity is the basic energy. The great grand daughters of Mitra family under the leadership of Sri Sukumar Mitra have supported for the erection of the statue of Kartik Chandra Mitra at the entrance of the Hall. We are grateful to the contributors for such noble deed. Badal Banerjee, a wellwisher, who deposited an amount of Rs. l lakh for giving annual interest to the meritorious two students belonging to BPL, is no more with us. We mourn for this untimely death and pay homage to his departed soul.

Freedom fighters of Midnapore Town School

We are very much grateful to ‘Deenabandhu Trust'. No word is enough to express the merit of the act of kindness shown by Sri Saibal Mitra and Prof Subhojit Chatterjee under the aegis of ‘Dcenabandu Trust'. Last year they helped twelve needy students with monthly payment of money to continue their studies. I am personally much obliged to Sri Mitra and Prof. Chatterjee as they considered my appeal to help twenty-five students of this school from this year favourably. The smiling face of these students is undoubtedly the result of sincere feelings towards the school by ‘Deenabandhu Trust'. The Trust has also started a Free-Coaching class and Free-Computer learning class for the students of this school from this year.

Teachers of Midnapore Town School

The School is an H.S. school with science and Arts stream in the H.S. section. More than 1100 students have been enrolled. The scheme to provide Mid-Day meal has been initiated. The result of Madhyamik and Higher Secondary is almost satisfactory. But we hope for the better and subsequently for the best. Yet, we have miles to go. We need help and sincere co-operation from all concerned.

Teachers of Midnapore Town School

Teachers of Midnapore Town School

Teachers of Midnapore Town School

Teachers of Midnapore Town School

M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., Ph.D.(Eng.)
Midnapore Town School (Boys')
Higher Secondary




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