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Freedom Movement in Midnapore - Biren Sasmal & Gandhiji
Indian National Congress & ---- Midn-apore

Midnapore & Revolutionary

Why the revolution started in ---Midnapore?

First Chuar Revolution

Raja Rammohan Roy & 19 th ---Century great persons

Political Awareness

Bharat Sabha (Indian ---- -------Association) 1876

Arobindo's view towards ---- ---congress

Midnapore's view towards -------congress

Sramik(Labors) & ---- ----------- Krishak(Farmers) Revolution

Banga Bhanga Revolution

Hindu Mela

“Bandemataram” in freedom ----movement

Midnapore Bivajan(Split)

Binoy, Badal, Dinesh

Bengal Volunteers

District Magistrate Robert ---- ---Douglas

District Magistrate Burdge

Narayangarh bomb & train ------ accident

District Magistrate Weston ------- murder conspiracy

Midnapore bomb case

Forest area (Jungle Mahal), ---- Garbeta & Congress

Mahatma Gandhi in Mindapore

Biren Sasmal & Gandhiji

Gandhiji 2nd time in ---- --------- Midnapore

Gandhiji 3nd time in ---- --------- Midnapore

Quite India movement & ---- -- August movement

Second world war

Sister Nibedita

Potirai & Ghatal



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