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Royal Families of Midnapore (Patashpur Jamidari & Ponchet's Choudhury family)
Midnapore Royal Family/ -------Karnagarh

Narajol Raj Family

Majnamutha Raj Family --------(Kishor Nagar Raj Family)

Sujamutha (Kajlagarh) Raj --- Family

Chatoa-Baroda's Raj family

Mallikbag & Nandi family

Old Talukdar family

Bagri Raj family/Malla Raja

Kalaikunda/Dharenda Raj ----- family

Birkul Raj family, Mirgoda & -- Kakra Jamindari

Jakpur raj Mahasay family

Jhargram Raj family

Jamboni Raj family & ---------- Dhalbhum Jamindari

Ramgarh & Lalgarh Raj -------- family

Khandarui Raj family & -------- Turka Jamindari

Narayanpur Dandapath & ------Narayangarh raj family

Mahisadal Raj family

Jhatiboni or Sildar Raj

Sabang & moyna Raj family

Kashijora Raj family

Balarampur Raj family

Brahamanbhum Raj family

Patashpur Jamidari

Malighati's Choudhury family

Nayagram Raj family

Dantan Raj family

Bele Beria's Praharaj family

Banpatna's Sathpati family

Chandrakona Raj family

Gopiballavpur Goswami --------family & Rohini family

Bali Sahi's Bhuia family

Kedarkund Raja

Birat Raja/ Gop Garh

Jada Raj family

Tamluk Raj family
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