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Tourist Places (Bahiri)



Ancient ruins of Bahiri village and Daulbar

Bahiri village is very ancient, you can see ruins of four stupa or tope (Paltikri, Saptikri, Dhantikri, Godhantikri) . most probably these are the ruins of Buddhist Stupa (may be one of the Buddha bihars). The name Bahiri is perversion of Bihar . There are many ancient villages in and around Bahiri (Daulbar, Dihi-Bahiri, Paik-Bari and Bidhu-Bahiri). All these villages are full of ancient and archeological items. You can see the ancient Ashram of lord Rama at Bahiri vilage . Bhimsagar, Hemsagar, Lohitsagar are the lakes in Bahiri village.

Bara Daul, Bahiri
Bara Daul, Bahiri -------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Wallpaper 1024*768

Bhim Sagar , Bahiri
Bhim Sagar , Bahiri

Bara Math , Bahiri
Bara Math , Bahiri

Choto Math , Bahiri
Choto Math , Bahiri

Hem Sagar
Hem Sagar


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