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Tourist Places (Egra)


Hatnagar Mahadeb Temple

Beautiful Orissa style architecture of the temple is notable . Orissa King Gajapati Mukundadeb has built this temple,

Krishna Sagar & Nagua Kachari

Krishna Sagar is a big pond, north-west side of Krishna Sagar is Nagua Kachari ( It was Contai's administrative head quarter ). Bankim Chandra Chattaopadhay was magistrate over here , he wrote his famous “Änandamath” here.

Kudi village's lord Siva & Alanggiri's Thakur Bari

You can see the ancient temple of Gopal jiu and also visit famous ancient Siva temple. A famous festival use to held here in the Bengali month of Chaitra.

Bus : Regular bus available from Midnapore , Contai , Kharagpur . Nearest bus stops are Egra and Kudi.

Rail: Nearest Rail Station is Contai Road



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